As it operates with international maritime freights, DASCO knows the necessary equipment for each product and is able to advise your company on choosing the best container to accommodate your cargo in an adequate and safe way. Discover the main containers on the market:

20′ or 40′ Dry

Being 20′ or 40′ in size, the dry container is indicated for general, non-perishable goods that can be stacked in boxes or pallets. There is a high cube version of this container, which has more capacity. It’s recommended for large quantities of goods.

20′ or 40′ Flat Rack

It is widely used to transport machines or large loads, as it does not have a roof or right and left sides.

20′ or 40′ Open Top

It does not have an upper part and is indicated non-standard height loads.

20′ or 40′ Reefer

This type of container is refrigerated and, therefore, it’s used for loads that need temperature control. they are connected to energy sources inn terminals and when placed on the ships. They are normally used to transport food.

Container Platform

A container platform has no roof or sides, just a platform. It is attached to the vessel through moorings.

Container Tank

It’s suitable for transporting chemicals and liquids.

Container Bulk

The Bulk or bulk container is very suitable for bulk cargo, as it has some openings or hatches to facilitate the flow of products, such as grains, sand, and stones.eias e pedras.